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Damico's dyno cell with engine installed

Schenck D400 Engine Dyno




We provide a comprehensive range of dyno testing and mapping services for a large range of engines.
We build and develop competition engines for a variety of formulas including the Mini Challenge, FF2000 & Sports 2000 to name a few,
We are committed to offering a professional, friendly and honest service to ultimately provide you with the engine you desire.
Close up of engine on our dyno
A race engine prepared by Damico
Dyno engine cell with engine installed

Full day dyno sessions

Built & tested on our engine dyno

Accurate results

Our dynamometer and operator are available to hire on a daily basis, using our full day dyno session package

All our race engines are machined, built and dyno tested before leaving our facility, giving you the plug and play engine needed for whatever formulas you are challenging

Our Schenck D400 is very accurate and has a tolerance of 1% across its range, coupled with the industry standard SAE-J1349 correction table, we can get comparable accurate results everytime.

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Our dynabar

Our Schenck D400 water braked dynamometer is situated within a custom built test cell. Our test cell will accommodate all types of internal combustion engines, we have designed and made bespoke mounts for a wide variety of them. We have full control of water and oil temperatures, we are monitoring and correcting for air intake temperatures, barometric pressure and humidity, our correction table corrects to SAE-J1349, which is the current industry standard this is particularly important in forced induction engines where temperature changes throughout the power curve depending on boost and RPM.

Our fuel delivery system allows us to easily change between different fuel types, we can test your engine on the exact fuel type you will be using

The Schenck D400 is very accurate and has a tolerance of within 1% across its range.

Although we have produced a vast range of engine mounts, we carry out fabrication in-house allowing us to cater for most configurations at short notice.

Please feel free to discuss your requirements.

We would like your engine dyno experience to be as cost effective as you require, to get the best out of your session we would suggest preparing your engine by following the checklist below. However, should you want us to prepare your engine for you then extra costs maybe incurred.
Please select how you should prepare your engine:


FF2000 / Sports 2000

Parts that can be removed before delivery